Friday, June 17, 2011

Hand Foot and Mouth disease

So on tuesday at 4pm my son started to run a low grade fever, by 9 pm that night his fever hit 103.8 and wouldnt drop below 102 so i took him to the doc and they tested him for strep, it came back negative. so doc said he had a virus an we went home with strict instuctions on fever and hydration. The doc said to take him straight to Primary Childrens hospital if he reaches a fever of 104, well by that evening he had. I didnt want to sit in the ER all night so I put him in a cold bath  rubbed him down with peppermint oil and put an ice pack on him for as long as he would let me and that night it dropped to normal, finally. Well that morning I noticed that he had developed blisters on his hands and that his rash had spread to his whole body. so i took him into an urget care clinic cause his doc wasnt in on thursday and that is when they said he had HFM( Hand foot and mouth) disease.  the doc said he shouldnt get another fever since it has broke. so i thought we were out of the woods, wrong that afternoon his fever came back. 101.6 so I called doc back and she said to see if i can control his fever and if not take him to Primary Childrens. So I made a few phone calls and did some research to see what oils I can use to help ease his syptoms. i was already using peppermint for fever and Serenity for peace and a more restful sleep. Well my friend had suggested eucalyptus and lavendar and olive oil so i got them from her and slathered it all over him and his fever was down within 15 min. I then put ongaurd on his fingers and in his mouth cause it numbs them and i put serenity on the back of his ears and bottoms of feet. it seems to be helping he is finally sleeping and so far is fever has stayed down.

Oils used
2 drops Eucalyptus
2 drops of  lavendar
and enough olive oil to mix and put on body (1-2 TBS) more if needed
or coconut oil can be used
3 drops peppermint in 1/2 tub lukewarm water
dab of Serenity behind ears, neck, and bottoms of feet
dab ongaurd and cocount oil on fingers/hands(rubbed in)
dab ongaurd  on finger and rubbed in mouth
When blisters pop drop 1 drop of melaleuca and lavender on the blisters
if 3 and older 1 drop ongaurd with a little water swish and swallow

So far everything is working great.
MOM of 3

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