Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So my 16 month old son is cutting all four molars and both eye teeth, needless to say the whole house is miserable. I made a few phone calls and did a little research on doterra oils to see if there was anything that would help. CLOVE dap a little on your fingure and then rub it on the gums where the tooth is coming threw and within minutes the fussing stops. Never would have thought that a oil would be so powerful.
Every night before I put my son to bed I give him a bath with 3 drops of SERENITY in his bath for a restful calming bedtime, BREATHE to help open his sinuses and clear up his congestion from teething and CLOVE on his gums to help with the pain of teething. He has the most restful sleep when all gets done, and when he sleeps I sleep and that is AWESOME.

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