Monday, June 20, 2011

Update on my son with Hand, foot, and mouth disease.

So about 1 week ago, I believe. I was told my son had hand, foot, and mouth disease. So i started doing everything the doc told me to and when that didnt work i started using eucalyptus and lavender on him for his fevers. His fevers broke almost right away (do to the oils,) 3-4 days of high fevers and nothing worked. They worked just how they should, just like everyone says they do. after that his blisters started getting really bad, he wasnt eating and not wanting to drink cause it hurt so bad. i started rubbing a little bit of ongaurd in his mouth and within 24 hours, maybe sooner, he was eating and drinking. within 48 hours his blisters had popped after applying melaleuca and frankincense. Doctor told me it would be at least 4 weeks before everything would be cleared up. i learned my lesson, oils first then other if they are not putting out results. cuts healing time in half if not more. needless to say mason is doing great up and running and getting into everything just like a 15 month old should.


  1. Where did you put the lavender and eucalyptus? Did you apply Melaleuca and frankincense as a rub in his mouth?

  2. i put it on his feet and then the rest i put on the sores